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UnionGate Investments

Category : Oil & Gas,

Uniongate is a “Worldwide Business Organization” and an “Services Operator” that acts as managers and consultants in development projects and funding programs.

In particular, Uniongate operates in Africa and Asia, with special emphasis on DEVELOPING and EMERGING NATIONS. Uniongate has and will work with and for all properly constituted and legally recognized governmental and all other bodies, regardless of creed, color, or political persuasion.

At the present time, Uniongate is located in six countries, covering Europe, North America, Africa and Asia, and is able to communicate effectively in all major business languages. Uniongate has developed a “globally integrated system” to support the implementation of chosen projects. The preferred objective of Uniongate is to support social and development projects that contribute to the economic development of a Country.

The skills and abilities of Uniongate are concentrated in the new “integrated system” to achieve common objectives with their principals.

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